So here, the giant Alibaba Group of E-commerce in China finally seems to have played an important role in e-commerce industry in the United States. However, many of you do not yet fully trust this Chinese site. This Aliexpress review aims to give you our opinion and advice when shopping on Aliexpress. If you already know this site, then learning how to avoid traps is also a good idea.



It must be remembered here that Aliexpress is part of the Alibaba group, which together with eBay and Amazon is one of the world leaders in E-commerce! Millions of orders are made on the site daily and complaints are rare for a site of this size. However, you will read a number of complaints on Aliexpress reviews on the web and especially on a sometimes-unscrupulous service … It is true that the service is not the specialty of Chinese sites. Keep in mind that these complaints are isolated cases and we know in fact that the vast majority of products arrive safely, and the products are often identical to the description.

The great peculiarity of Aliexpress, and all their business is based on this principle, Alibaba does not manage any inventory and only tightens intermediary between you and the seller. That is, Allexpress has very little information on most products sold on the platform. You will still find some negative Aliexpress reviews and those can be justified by the reasons below:

  • Long delivery times (very long).
  • Dispute resolution too often favors sellers.
  • Low quality products.
  • Products not received.


Although these 5 problems appear several times across the various blogs and forums, we also think that it is also the role of the consumer to change his consumption habits on Aliexpress. This is a completely new buying process that the consumer must get used to and must know how to navigate to avoid being surrounded. Once the platform is in hand, Aliexpress really becomes the Alibaba cave! For example, did you know that Aliexpress opened several warehouses in the U.S to allow its sellers to distribute their products directly from USA? The advantage? Favorable return policy, delivery in 7 days and no problem of customs. All registered Chinese brands in America now offer this option, click here to see the list of brands delivering from USA.

“I ordered more than two hundred items from this site, the majority met my needs which is surprising for such low price. The few times I asked for a refund and they gave it to me.”


Comment on Gobestshops



The number of products available on Aliexpress is completely mind-boggling, we would almost get lost … But what about the quality? Aliexpress is potentially the most heterogeneous Chinese online store for the quality of the products it offers, and you will find a little bit of everything. However, to the great difference of other sites of the same type, Aliexpress highlights the “made in China” and ensures that some products are of excellent quality.

And we have to admit once again that it’s true … Brands such as Zhiyun, DJI, Lemfo in advanced electronics or Unice Hair, Shein on fashion and beauty offer products of an absolutely incredible quality ratio. Our opinion on Aliexpress?

Buy recognized and recommended Chinese brands and we promise you will never be disappointed! As for the rest, obviously some products especially in fashion are very tempting but you’d better order all that is related to fashion via sites like Romwe or Shein. As for the rest you can rely on the list below:


Note: Aliexpress remains truffle counterfeit as the picture below proves. The site has long been an eldorado for anyone looking for counterfeit, but you will find less and less now.

aliexpress review comments



Be careful not to use Amazon as a standard of comparison in terms of delivery. Amazon has accustomed us to receive our products purchased online almost instantaneously. As much to say that this will not be the case for Aliexpress. At best if your product is sent from USA you will receive it within 4 days.

Unfortunately, it is still a large majority of products remain sent from mainland China or Hong Kong. This means that your purchase will take about 3-4 weeks to arrive depending on the carrier, Chinese holidays and packaging. Suffice to say if the seller is totally overwhelmed like during the Christmas holidays it will rather wait 5 weeks … Remember to order well in advance for gifts …




The delivery costs are mostly “free” on Aliexpress, that is to say that very often they are already included in the final price of your purchase. For some products, however, we will have to pay a delivery fee, especially when the seller will be forced to use DHL to send your product for insurance reasons. But this only happens on products with high added value. However, when you have a product sent by DHL, you will have to pay customs fees and potentially taxes.




Aliexpress has put in place a system of protection for the buyer. We strongly advise you to consult this page in order to be aware of your rights in case of dispute: Buyer Protection. Aliexpress refunds you in full if you do not receive your product except exceptional case or you buy counterfeit products at this seller. If the product received does not conform to the description of the product you ordered, the first advice you are given is to take pictures because you will probably be asked for this evidence later in the procedure.

The first step, if you are in this case, is to contact the seller to find a solution directly with him. If the seller is honest, no worries, he will refund you or you will be sending the right product again. In the case that the seller is not cooperative, Aliexpress offers you the opportunity to open a dispute with the seller, Aliexpress will then act as a mediator and judge between you and the merchant. At that time, you will be asked for proof of your dissatisfaction and Aliexpress will provide you with a refund if your complaint is justified.

Attention: when ordering a countdown of up to 40 days, depending on the product ordered, will start and corresponds to the deadline to open a dispute.




This is the Aliexpress English page regarding payments. If you do not speak English find all the necessary explanations below. Most online shoppers feel safe when they can pay online through Paypal and do not trust sites that do not offer this service. Aliexpress realized it at its expense since they did not accept Paypal for a very long time.

What had pushed Aliexpress stopped this means of payment is a reason simply economic, because Paypal imposes a commission of about 3.9% to sites using their service and a fixed commission on each purchase which is very expensive for a site like Aliexpress. In contrast to Gearbest or Amazon, Aliexpress preferred to avoid these costs but in the face of competition they finally gave in.

Be careful, however, paying by paypal for your product is slightly more expensive than credit card. As far as security is concerned, the system is very simple. When you buy a product, the money is kept by Aliexpress until you have confirmed receipt of the product, only then Aliexpress will pay the seller.

In the situation that the product received does not comply or in the extreme case that you have not received anything, the seller will not collect your money and Aliexpress will reimburse you as we have explained previously. In addition, the personal data is fully protected, the payment page is encrypted in “https”. This payment system is completely reliable and secure at all levels, you can trust it.




Despite all their faults, the sites importing Chinese products are becoming more and more popular around the world. Aliexpress and Wish are even part of the very firm clubs of the 10 most popular USA online platforms for shopping. As for which is the best, although there are not really clear answers on the subject, we prefer Joom (see our Joom review) for our mobile shopping and Aliexpress for our purchases on computers.

Not because we do not trust Wish but Aliexpress is constantly improving the products and the range of services they offer to their American customers while Wish is very stagnant and after all only a gigantic marketing platform remains to our detriment. As far as we are concerned, Aliexpress remains an excellent option to find the best Chinese brands especially in high tech but think to vary your shopping platforms.



  • Subsidiary of Alibaba (Reliable site)
  • Biggest product choice
  • The best prices
  • Warehouses in USA

⛔️ CONS:

  • Poor performance on mobile app
  • Long delivery time
  • Poor buyer protection
  • Messy Site


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