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Working in online sales, Boohoo is a site that offers outfits for men and women since 2006. Several items are on offer, ranging from chic clothing to shoes, sandals and accessories. The choice is multiple and diversified products to allow everyone to find what suits him.

To provide you with maximum comfort while shopping on, here is our Boohoo Review that tells you more about the reliability and the comments on the site.



Once you have access to the site, the interface is already very attractive. Colorful and animated, the interface puts forward the mention balances up to 70% and delivery.

In the first place are the keys to access sales, news, products for men and women. Easy to use, just put the cursor on the various keys to see the content without clicking.

To make purchases on the site, you must first sign up. Registering on the site only takes a few seconds and involves filling out a simple form.

Once registered, you can add all the products of your choice to your cart. By putting the cursor on the balance key, you have access to all products on sale with discounts of up to 70%.

The items are offered in real images and are worn by dummies. How to resist! The same applies to the “woman” button, which provides access to thousands of clothing products, but also cosmetic products and accessories.

The items offered are varied, available in several colors and in all sizes. For men, the key gives direct access to flagship products, available for all age groups from longshoremen to suits. Delivery is free from purchases of more than 35 euros purchase.

A single click on the product of your choice allows you to see the price and discount on the item, and you can then add it in your basket by clicking ADD TO CART. To validate your purchase, simply click on PASS ORDER.

“It’s one of the best men’s and women’s clothing websites with reasonable prices and different styles. Very good quality after many washes. New collections regularly. Promotions regularly. Fast delivery and careful packaging »



Comments on Gobestshops



The interface of the site is promising once it is accessed. It is easy to find what you are looking for and the variety of products on offer is up to our expectations. The freshly dressed and elegant models already give a crazy desire to explore the site. But how do customers react to the products they ordered on the site?

boohoo item



The site delivers to its customers all over the world. The duration of delivery depends on the destination country, whether local or international. The site offers various modes of delivery including local standard delivery for a period of 4 working days and an Express delivery that can be delivered the next day if the order was made before 3 pm Monday to Friday.

For more shipping details go to:

Internationally, standard delivery is between 4 to 14 days. According to their opinion, most customers are satisfied with the delivery time.

“Very good products I am very satisfied! Delivery is fast about 3-4 days or up to 5 days. The package is always well packed and there is no problem with the products received! Very good quality nothing wrong. “




The standard local deliverymethod is proposed for a fee of 4.99 € per order, and Express deliveryfor a fee of 12.99 € per order. Standard international deliveryis priced between € 4.99 and € 12.99 per order and depending on the destination country; the delivery charge “the next day” varies between € 5.99 and € 29.99 depending on the destination country.




The site is committed to protecting the personal information of its customers while using them only to guarantee the comfort of the buyers on the site.

The website says:

“Here at UK Ltd (‘boohoo’) we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of your personal data. This privacy notice explains how your data is collected, used, transferred and disclosed by boohoo. It applies to data collected when you use our websites, iOS and android applications, when you interact with us through social media, email, or phone, or when you participate in our competitions or events.”

In case you are not satisfied with your order during the delivery, the site guarantees its products 14 days after reception. You have the opportunity to make a claim and the return is free. The product will be refunded if necessary, but the refund amount was reduced according to the wear and tear on the product.

The website says:

“We will refund the price paid for the Products. Note, however, that we may reduce the refund amount to reflect any reduction in the value of the Products due to your handling that was not permitted in the store. If we refund the price paid before we inspect the Products and later discover that you have handled them unacceptably, you will have to pay us an adequate sum. “




To pay on Boohoo, you have to use VISA, MasterCard or PayPal. The latter is also the most used because it is even more secure. Also, here is the confirmation of the site:

“We have updated this Privacy Notice to ensure our compliance with the new amendments to the Data Protection Act. You can find out more about your rights, your choices and how we use your information in our new  Privacy Notice . “

“We have put in place appropriate security and organizational safeguards to protect your data from accidental or unauthorized loss, use, access, modification or disclosure. “




Who would dare to assert glam without knowing Paris Hilton? She is the emblem of fashion and luxury in the USA. So, to afford clothes in her wardrobe, at a lower price, what does the people want? There is not much to say, you have to go to the site and have a look at the catalog to understand and realize the chance that we have! For anyone looking for even cheaper products we recommend Lesara .


  • Attractive interface;
  • Products of very good quality, 4 stars on iGraal;
  • Quick delivery;
  • Effective privacy policy;
  • Secure payment.

⛔️ CONS:

  • Some items are still expensive.


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