Cichic is an online store that very similar to the others, such as Romwe, Shein and Aliexpress. The items on sale there are varied, but mostly are women fashion products.

In this article, we are going to talk about the reliability and give you an objective Cichic review that is based on the real customer feedbacks. At the end, you will know if it is really a trustworthy site to make your orders from there.

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How Do I Make An Order On This Site?

This e-commerce site is primarily a Chinese site with a slogan saying “The Latest Fashion Clothing Online Shop”. The interface of the site is very simple, with the tabs for different types of clothing: dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry and accessories, as well as a page dedicated to news.

To convince its customers, Cichic adopts an easy and simple order: you must search for the item you need or choose from their catalogues. Once the item is found, add it to the cart, and specify the color, size and number you want to buy.

To continue the purchase, click on “process at checkout”. When you are on this page, you can see the different discount offers, if the item you choose has a discount code, enter it in the box and make the most of your balance.

Then you can log in to your Cichic account or just buy as a guest. Then you fill out the billing and the necessary coordinates for the delivery.

Then click on “Continue order” to make the payment. You will receive an email saying that the payment is received and will get the number and tracking link of the package.


”  In our shop, the order is easy and simple. Follow the steps simply that you will get what you want. For more details, you can refer to this link:  how to order . “

Hi, I just received a cardigan from cichic, and the finishes are very poorly made, the product looks nothing like the image, no label allows to know what actually the material is.


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The Quality of Products. Is It a Reliable Site?

Cichic sells diversified items for women. On the pictures of those products that they are selling, I believe it is hard for your to resist those fashionable items which are with affordable prices. But with this kind of website, I suggest you do not believe the pictures you’ve seen.

Some items are also sold on Aliexpress, which tells you that Cichic sells items owned by independent sellers.

Because most customer reviews on Cichic website are not so good. Here you have no more reliability than Romwe, where you can directly contact with the sellers. Because in the case of Romwe, the site itself is the direct seller and he is totally responsible for the true quality of his products.

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What About the delivery time?

Respecting the delivery time is one of the essential criteria for qualifying an online sales site. In the case of Cichic, this respect is not unanimous among users. First, what does the site say about its delay? The delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen by the customer. The site needs 1-5 business days to prepare the order and there are 3 types of shipping: standard from 4 to 28 days, express from 3 to 15 days for USA only, and International Express from 5 to 10 days. But according to the reviews below, these deadlines are not respected at all:

“I placed an order on cichic but I did not receive anything.  I sent messages to them, but each time I have an automatic response telling me that my problem will be treated, but never answer on my order. I am worried.”

“This order of 55 euros in November 2016 on cichic, nothing received so far. They do not respond to the mail at all. And accidentally my account has disappeared from their site when I ask them again.

By comparing these opinions with those concerning Shein and Romwe, Cichic is really disappointing about its delivery time. In addition, if an e-commerce site cannot manage the problems of the customers, how can we come back after such a disappointment?


First, some products exist on other sites like Aliexpress and Shein. When you make a comparison, prices are a bit higher. What about the delivery fee?

It still depends on the type of shipping chosen: for standard delivery, the fee is $ 5.95, but delivery is free for any purchase making more than $ 50. For delivery to the USA, the delivery costs $ 7 and for international express delivery, besides the USA, it is worth $ 17. So much the same as on Shein. What do the customers think?

“No respect for delivery times despite more than 15 € delivery costs to obtain express delivery in 5/8 days. Reception after 3 weeks. “

“A big mistake on my part: I dared to pay more for express shipping and the delivery time is not even respected. “


The site asks the user to specify the size and color of the items they order. But the fact remains that the size of Chinese clothing is not always the same as that of the western coutries. To protect the buyer, CICHIC has a return policy within 7 days of receiving the order. Refund is also possible under certain conditions. But according to customer reviews, we must be wary of this policy since many have no answers to their protest.


” I made the mistake of making an order at home last August, I took three dresses … My package has been blocked for several months in Roissy. Finally, after many adventures, I receive an email from the Post Office that tells me the delivery of my package (late November …). In the package, one dress only … I’m nice saying dress, because infamous tea towel would be more appropriate … For 20 euros, a dress all badly trimmed Carnival costume fabric that scratches and not my size … I recontact Cichic who tells me that in fact the two other dresses were out of stock at the time of sending (end of August !!) and they still refunded these two missing dresses (they proposed to send me back, but I was no longer really motivated …). I would never recommend again! Too bad, because the photos of the site make you want to buy!”


The good thing is that you can pay by credit card, PayPal, Western Union and bank transfer. So we have a lot of choices about the payment method. The website confirms that the buyer’s banking information is kept confidential. And with PayPal, which is the most secure payment method of the moment, the payment is made faster which also speeds up delivery.

CICHIC, Shein, Romwe, Which fashion store should i choose?

It is undeniable that fashion is at the rendezvous on this site, with the latest trends of the moment since the articles are updated regularly. For the quality of the products, the opinions are not positive, which leaves us hesitating between choosing CICHIC or another site like SHEIN or ROMWE. But given by all the reviews about them, CICHIC definitely has received tons of negative feedbacks compare to others. So, in our opinion, it is better not going for it.


Also, if you are interested in Shein and Romwe, we suggest you to read our reviews about them:


  • Wide variety of products;
  • Simple and easy to make an order;
  • Complete information on of the site;
  • Several delivery modes.

⛔️ CONS:

  • Disappointing product quality;
  • Delivery time not respected;
  • Ineffective customer service.


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