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iOffer is an online store where you can find almost anything. The items sold on the site are very varied, there are about 100 million products or more. Buyers have flocked more and more since the launch of the site in 2002. It is one of the biggest competitors of Aliexpress, with the same concept, quality products at very competitive prices. The principle is based on price negotiations between the seller and the buyer. The fashion items on display are in the trend of the moment. If this is your first step on iOffer, this article will tell you all you want to know about this site.


iOffer is not a platform, rather a shop or a free market. The site is the meeting point for sellers and buyers. The products are offered to sellers who are online stores, and to independent individuals. To start a journey, you must first choose a category among those displayed on the left of the page (women’s fashion, men’s fashion, purses and wallets,  jewelry and watches, fragrances, health & well-being, child & baby …). You have two tabs: to order items, click on “Buy” and to sell items, click on “Make an offer”. Before buying, you offer a price to negotiate with the seller. This control system is very different from what you can find at sites like Banggood, you can learn more about this site via Banggood reviews. The debate is open between the two parties, and you can argue according to your own words. The seller will also have a say in offering you a price, shipping included, so be careful in your arguments to have the product at the best price. Then you must make the payment. For a buyer, the site will direct immediately in the page related thereto. But for a seller, if it does not provide a payment form, it will make the payment by email. The payment is made within 48 hours after the order otherwise it is canceled.

“There is no need to read the label to see that the polo is made of synthetic material. This does not mean that the quality is bad, I would have preferred cotton, but it does not matter. The material being relatively fluid and light, I do not fear perspiration. It seams are very well done, there is nothing more to blame the job at this level. “



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Upon your arrival on the interface, you will understand that the products on sale on the site are in the trend of the moment. But what about really their quality? As mentioned above, it is a market. Nothing guarantees therefore that the products are original, moreover, the site remains discreet about it and does not confirm the opposite. This franchise gives him a good point. By cons, counterfeit or not, the products are of good quality. A buyer who bought a polo Lacoste has done a lot of talking about the site on the web, confirming that the polo in question was not original because it was synthetic and not cotton. But still, having a Lacoste polo at 5 USD, without being disappointed in its quality, it’s a chance not to be missed.

ioffer review


Normally, the delivery is done between 3 to 5 days after the validation of the order. The site offers a tracking number, once it is activated, you can monitor your order by clicking on the number that was provided. A pop-up displays the shipping status. If you are in a foreign country(outside of USA), you can also have it delivered by iOffer, but allow at least 21 to 35 days for the package to reach you. This is why many buyers are complaining about certain forums, as they are afraid that their packages will not reach them even though they have already made the payment. But in the end, the delivery is done properly. Deadlines are therefore random.   “I was really afraid of not receiving my package, I was told 20 days, it arrived only 1 month later. Fortunately, I’m happy with the contents of the package! “   The web says a lot about Chinese sites like iOffer, but since it’s an open market, you can never be sure to find a reliable seller.


On iOffer, you can fall on a good-hearted seller, who could offer you a good price, shipping included. If this is not the case for your seller, you will have to negotiate instead. So, in principle, the shipping cost is random, depending on your location, and depending on the number of packages. It also depends on the seller and his offer. Know that the prices are set by the sellers and not by the site, in a way, the site hosts only products, like a deposit. If the negative opinions pour so much, it is because these people have fallen on false sellers.   “I do not recommend this site, I ordered a watch, order validated, I paid the costs on my own, 3 months later, still nothing and no updates! “  


On a merchant site like this, you are never sure and certain to come across an honest and reliable seller. By scrutinizing the opinions of victims of fraud on the internet, we realize the risk that we take by buying a product through this site. By cons, developers do their best to ensure the safety of buyers. To help you find a reliable seller, you can rely on the ratings given to them by other buyers. But sellers are also exposed to the risk of fraud.


As stated above, some will say:  ” Fashion victim ? At your own risk on iOffer !!! “   Indeed, both parties are constantly exposed to the risk of fraud, as explained above. The main thing is to discuss and take the time to ask all the necessary questions, especially for the seller. The most secure and used payment method is PayPal, it is solicited by the seller and the buyer. On sites like this, it is better to use this method of payment instead of the bank card.


Whether counterfeit or original products, you will surely find beautiful finds on iOffer. The latest models you see in celebrity magazines, be the shoes, clothes or accessories, you’ll find on iOffer. The main thing, so as not to be disappointed, is always to refer to the notes given to the seller. Ask questions about the quality of the fabric, the actual size of the article, and most importantly, ask for a real photo to reassure you before concluding your order.


  • Virtual meeting without intermediary between buyers and sellers;
  • Negotiation possible on tariffs;
  • Very varied products;
  • Trendy clothing and fashion accessories;
  • ZafulCompetitive price

⛔️ CONS:

  • High risk of fraud;
  • Multiple counterfeits;
  • Random delivery time.


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