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You’ve probably heard of Wish, the new e-commerce application that is a hit on the Play Store and App Store. However, what to think of WISH? In this Wish Review, you can find all you need to know and our opinion about Wish.com. Is it a serious contender to the giants of e-commerce like Aliexpress, Amazon?

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Wish is basically an application for online purchase on smartphone. Since 2013, the founder Peter Szulczewski has understood that the majority of internet traffic, and therefore purchases, will come from mobile devices. However, you can also find Wish website on your PC: wish.com.

Download Wish App here:

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It is very easy to sign up for Wish, you can either use your email, your Facebook or Google account. This progress is available to be completed both on wish.com or wish App.

After you create account, here you go! You will see a lot of cheap and attractive items on the page. Just need to find the item you like, and click “buy”, then it will be added to your cart. Before actually buying the product, you should always read the customer reviews carefully, because some of their honest opinions could really help you to make the final decision. 


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This application is a “marketplace”, like Aliexpress, which allows to connect buyers from all over the world with professional merchants who are mostly Chinese. Although the prices from Chinese suppliers are very attractive, you must obviously pay attention to the quality and reliability of these sellers.

The opinions of buyers are quite mixed on Wish.com and it is for several reasons:

  • Unscrupulous sales techniques where the original price of the product is rigged.
  • A service that leaves something to be desired.
  • Extremely long delivery time and high delivery costs
  • Low quality products
  • Photos produced not always legitimate.

You will often find these 5 issues online that frustrate the online shopper community and that may put you off.

In fact, however, you will be surprised to learn that a large majority of products arrive at a good destination and that the service will refund you very often when it is Wish’s fault.

Wish is very good when you can read and roam. It is true that the photos are not contractual and that we must remain to be very suspicious.

“Wish is a very good site if you know how to avoid traps.
It is true that the photos are not contractual and that we must remain very suspicious”


Comment on Gobestshops

wish reviews from customers.
wish review from customers



Wish gives you access to a plethora of products that would normally be difficult to find at these prices on U. S sites. And that’s why millions of American people are already buying on this site every month.

But what about the quality of these products? Is Wish a scam?

Well no, Wish is not a scam. The fact that all these products come from China is not necessarily bad quality, most of the products you bought before come from this country. What you should know is especially that all types of products are not necessarily good to buy on Wish .com.

For example, some clothes are clearly designed for sale in China or Asia, so the sizes or even the quality criteria will remain very different from those we have in the United States. As far as we are concerned, it will work also on sites such as Aliexpress. The products you can buy on Wish.com with more certainty are:

  • Low-end tech products
  • Plastic gadgets of all kinds (Think of fidget spinner …)
  • Clothing at reasonable prices (Less than 20 USD)
  • Automobile parts (Like moto mufflers …)
  • Recognized Chinese brands (Zhiyun, Huawei, Ugreen ….)
  • Makeup products (Brushes …), but never take cream or powder.
  • Counterfeits.




What most often repels with importing products from China on these sites is the delivery time which can be a real nightmare. Just like Romwe or Gearbest you will have to expect delivery times ranging from two weeks (very optimistic) to 8 weeks. Knowing that the average would still be in 3 and 4 weeks. We recommend that you contact Wish.com Customer Service after 4 weeks to get an idea of the route of your product.

What’s more, it is even possible that in some cases Wish refunds you partially or totally your purchase beyond 4 weeks of waiting. But this is really case by case. Regarding the customs, if your order exceeds 60 USD, we advise you to place your order in several times to limit the chances that your products are blocked at U.S customs.

Honorable Mention: Aliexpress has taken this problem to heart and in contrast to its competitors they now offer some products sent directly from America. You can learn more by reading our review of Aliexpress.




You will read online that obtaining a refund or having the opportunity to return your product in case of non-compliance is almost impossible with wish.com. This is not entirely true and besides Wish.com is surely the Chinese product importing site having the best performing service on these subjects. Gearbest (click here to read our Gearbest Review) and Aliexpress are not doing as well about it …

The problem is that Wish.com has shown unparalleled growth in the e-commerce community and they are totally overwhelmed by many emails from their customers. More disturbing problem though, they seem to apply a lot of case by case with regards to repayment. This can quickly frustrate a lot of consumers.




Unfortunately, we have no answer to this question and your choice will vary depending on your needs and the products you are looking for. Wish and Aliexpress have no control over their product inventory, which leaves room for tough competition between each vendor and allows you to get such competitive prices. However, sites like Romwe or Joom manage their inventories and carry out a quality control which more or less strict on the products of their sellers so the prices are a little more expensive but generally of higher quality.

As far as we are concerned, Wish remains an excellent option for all the plastic gadgets and utensils useful for everyday life but think about changing your shopping platforms.

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  • Lowest price
  • Wide choice of products
  • After sales service
  • Good mobile app

⛔️ CONS:

  • Mandatory data sharing
  • Long delivery time
  • High shipping cost
  • Low quality of the products

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